Tuesday, February 24

I spent my time this weekend in School of all places. And oddly enough I thought it was not only productive but actually enjoyable! It's odd to my that now that I can actually see the end of my schooling days (spring of '05) I find myself enjoying it more then I ever have in my life.

Before class we were required to read Now, Discover your Strengths, an interesting book that essentially says we should focus on our strengths instead of always trying to fix our imperfections. Andy Stanley talks about this same idea in Next Generation Leader (a must read by the way), but this book fleshes it out more and gives you tools to identify your strengths. The concept is good and something I’m going to try and work harder at implementing in my life.

Most of the class however was focused developing our personal calling statement. This is a three part process that combines your Biblical purpose Statement, your core Values and Your personal Vision Statement. I absolutely loved this process because it allowed me to really sort through where I’m headed. My position with the association ends in December so I have to decide what I’m going to do when I’m done. This class coupled with a conversation I had with my new boss last week have really brought a lot of clarity to my direction, but the details are still well . . . yet to be resolved.

The long and short of it is I feel like God is calling me back to the local church, but has still given me heart to help other Youth Ministers. Soo this is what I have so far.

My Personal Calling Statement

Biblical Purpose Statement
I exist to bring God Glory; by being a man who places obedience to Christ and a love for others over my own desires.

Vision Statement
I see a day when God’s call in my life will bring about . . .

. . . my passion for Christ overflowing into the lives of 6-8 people in discipling relationships; which produce passionate Christ following disciples. I see relationships with lost people, established through involvement in community sports, which produce new believers.

. . . a student ministry where adult and student leaders equip futures leaders to do the work of the ministry.

. . . networks of Youth ministers across the Puget Sound, that work together to reach students and encourage one another.

. . . a seminary degree, that has given me a love of learning and a continued desire for growth.

. . . a wife whom I minister along side of and children which we raise to passionately seek after Christ.

Wednesday, February 18

I'm a life long Cardinal fan. I started watching baseball when I was in 4th grade, I'd ride my bike to Chris McCloud's house and we'd often watch Ozzie, Terry Pendelton, Joe magrain, Todd Worell and the rest of the Cardinals. But they haven't been to the World Series since 87 and I barely remember any of that.

The single greatest trade in the history of my Cardinal fandom was the acquisition of Mark McGwire. He's still my favorite baseball player of all time. His run to 70 was one of the greatest season of all time! His rival Corky Sosa is a cheater. I don't like him and probably never will. Which brings me to my point.

There are 2 teams that I hate in baseball. They are really polar opposites of each other. One known for it's winning and the other for it's endless ability to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. Corky's team the Cubbies for whatever reason just irritate me. Call it the biterness, but if there is one team I want to finish ahead of every year it's the Cubs. The other team I hate is the Yankees. I think it's a law that if you care at all about baseball then you either love or hate the Yankees. There is no in-between.

Last summer I got to go to Yankee stadium to see my beloved Cards play the hated Yankees. And as much as I hate them I found myself cheering with them. In a wired way I loved what they had, the fans were so knowledgeable, they were so into the game it was awesome! Now, granted I will claim special circumstances, because I just happened to have tickets the night Clemens won #300 and K'd #4000. I came away respecting the Yankees and their fans, but still hating them just not as much.

All that was before this weekend. The signing of A-rod infuriates me. Because as I watch my team struggle to keep their emerging Babe Ruth (and Pujols is in that company by the way), while passing on a needed quality 3rd starter (Maddox). The Yankees add a guy they didn't even need! The Yankees payroll is more then double 4/5 of the league. It's just not fair! To add to the misery Arod is one of the "Good Guys", how can he play for the evil empire?? It's like your best friend just eloped with your ex-girlfriend. I mean I can't root for the Yankees!

So here's to hoping the Red Sox win the division and the Wild Card comes from the AL west!

Of course we always root for the Cardinals to win it all.

I'll post more thoughts on their division later, as this is way longer then intended.

Friday, February 13

I’m in a theology class that I really enjoy this semester. I’m actually excited to read my text books. Anyway, we were in class on Monday talking about Christology and the 2 person nature of Christ (human and divine). The discussion involved a very confusing section on Christ being begotten but not created. It’s a long subject that I won’t go into right now, but it was fun and mind bending.

Next, we talked about the fact that Christ’s humanness remains still today. I never really thought about it till that moment. I always assumed that he just sorta turned back into fully God when he returned to heaven. But in order for our salvation to remain so must Christ’s humanity. I didn’t have a huge emotional reaction, but it certainly has changed the way I see my savior. It makes me feel closer to him.

Something to think about.

Quote of the Day

If a pretty poster and a cute saying are all it takes to motivate you,
you probably have a very easy job. The kind computers will be doing soon!

Wednesday, February 4

This quote of the day brought to you by Jayson Stark of ESPN

Eddie Layton, who is retiring as the Yankee Stadium organist after 37 seasons, was honored last week at the New Jersey Sportswriters dinner.

On hand to pay tribute was Yankees GM Brian Cashman -- who said he'd heard Layton had just gotten a call from Astros GM Gerry Hunsicker to see if he was interested in unretiring in Houston.
SuperBowl observations

- The Pats O-line won the game for them. Yeah the defese was great, and Tom Brady blah blah blah, but 0 sacks for the entire post season was the clincher. O-line deserves the MVP.

- The first quater was the most boring football in the history of the superbowl. And there has been some really boring superbowls.

- Why do hire MTV to produce your halftime show and then expect it not to be obscene??? I realized how sad things were when a local morning show- known for it's pushing the line and sexual inuendo (yeah I know why was I listening to a show like that??) - made the point that the entire show was rather obscene and to get mad at the Janet/Justin incedent was crazy. I didn't see the half time (video games are better then crappy half time shows), but I do think CBS got what they bargined for.

Day 3 !

Having moved my new years resolutions back a month. I have begun at least one them so far. I haven't had a soda since the Superbowl, and have stayed away from french Fries. Now some would call this a diet, but in fact it's really only an attempt to curb the insane rate at which I was comsuming very unhealthy food, and one of those let's see if I can do this kind of things. So far about 52 hours and counting!