Thursday, November 11

I've got a new . . .

I have big news, no I didn’t just save a bunch of money on my car insurance, I changed my cell phone. Yep I’m now a proud customer of AT&T/Cingular, allso for those of you that didn’t know Beth and I are now engaged. I guess that would qualify as big news as well. Additionally, I have a new Job, a New church and my computer crashed in the process (it couldn’t handle all the change I guess) and did I mention that I moved in with a family also?

Ok so in case you didn’t catch all that, here is what’s new in my life:

- FiancĂ© – Beth, yes we dated a whole 7 weeks before we got engaged on October 16th. She is an amazing lady and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. I’ll post some pictures when my computer is back up and running, maybe.

- Job – My position with the association ends officially the 15th of Nov. I have started working for Columbia Hospitality, at Cedar Brook Resort (which is owned by Washington Mutual {see a bank with a lot of Money}) in SeaTac, Wa (catch all that?). I do Audio Visual and Computer stuff. It’s a great company and a really nice facility that is VERY High tech. It’s part time, but I should be able to pick up some more hours at a sister property of ours in downtown Seattle.

- Discovery – I now attend Discovery Community Church it’s a great church that happens to meet in a movie theater. I’m in the process of interviewing to be the volunteer Youth Minister. It’s a staff position without pay at this point. I still have to go through the formality of the interview, and the process of bringing the church on board, but I’m excited about the opportunity. I’ll most likely start “officially” in December.

- Housing – I now live with Pete and Kathy from our Church. They have an extra room in their house and a soft spot for poor ministers so they are letting me stay rent free. They have 2 children Nate (4) and Anneka (2) who are unbelievably cute kids. I’ve enjoyed living with and getting to know the whole family they have been such a blessing. Kathy is pregnant as well so they have a new one due in Jan!

I think that’s about it for now. Life is starting to slow back down a bit. Which means it’s getting back to a normal pace. But once the ministry gets up and running I’m sure all that will vanish and we’ll back to full speed. Also planning a wedding takes a little bit of time. So you'll excuse my recent absence of posting. Oh yeah my New Cell # is avalible if you want to e-mail me I'd love to hear from ya.