Wednesday, January 28

I’m behind, but I guess my blog shouldn’t be any different from the rest of my life. I wrote a really long post a week or so ago, but it was pretty whinny and well I hate it when people whine, so I didn’t want to bother you with my whining. Anyway, just know it had to do with married (or nearly married) people giving single people advice on being ok with your “singleness”. - Spare Me.

I resolved this year not to make any new years resolutions! Well at least not till February, I have not real reason for this other then I just didn’t feel like it in Jan. the verdict is still out on Feb. But the reality is I have this covenant thing I have to get to working on so really I think I’ll just try and make that work. Oh yeah, also I’m going to spend less, eat better, work out more, and work on growing closer to Christ! Why don’t I just print these goals up with a different year on each card? It’d save much time reflecting on life and stuff. And I could just blow it off by March or April, ok who am I kidding the 2nd week of February.

Monday, January 26

So I finally went to see the a specialist for my hand. Yeah, that was a nice waste of a half day. The appointment went great till I had to wait 45 min. for the review of my x-rays. It amazes me sometimes. Anyway, hand hasn’t hurt the last 2 weeks just went to see the doc to be on the safe side (and because it was a 3 week wait to get in). He has no clue what caused it. Eh, what are ya gonna do?

Monday, January 12

John Elway, Joe Monatna, Dan Marino MOVE OVER.

I've never seen a Quarterback dominate a game like Peyton Manning of the Colts Dominated the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday.

You heard it here first INDY is your SUperBowl Champ!!!

(ok so I'm sure you may have heard that several other places, but none the less having watched Manning since he was at Tenn. I did know his of his Greatness many years ago!)

Saturday, January 10

Having the just gone through the finacial crunch of the holidays, the weekends have been . . . well . . . thrifty. So I find myself watching Star Wars after a very good dinner. Scott (my room mate) cooked a great dish called Swiss Steak, a wonderful combination of beef, covered in flower and tomato sauce, along , with a potato and a side of green peas. Ummm Ummm good. Sooo a Saturday night at home with Star Wars is the course for the evening.

It reminded me though of my college days when Star Wars was re-released into the Theaters. I remember a bunch of us got tickets to see it on a Saturday. Yep that's right we paid perfectly good money to see a movie we could have rented collectively at about 1/30th of the cost, but that's another post. I remember watching the movie and trying to think like those that saw it for the first time in 1979. How would a 21 year old in 1979 have seen this show? How would they have received it?

Now it is important to know that I grew up with Star Wars as one of my earliest memories. So I don't remember a time in which it did not exist. The world of the rebels fighting the federation, Luke, Darth Vader, and Princess Lea, were fond memories. We played Star Wars instead of Cowboys and Indians. So for me the world of star wars was like a history almost. I just accepted it.

I concluded that I have no idea how this film ever made it there were huge risks and crazy worlds. All of which the audience had no idea what was going on. However it did have one thing which I could not duplicate. That was technology. The Special effects were revolutionary at the time, and now watching them 15 years later I had seen the SPFX advance so much things looked a lot cheesier.

It was only until I saw "The Matrix" (yeah I know the sequels were disappointing, but were focusing just on the first movie not the trilogies) in the theater sometime later that I realized what those viewers must have thought. A totally new world with revolutionary SPFX. When I walked out of the Matrix I wasn't sure what I thought, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Anyway no real moral to the story just a random thought.

Friday, January 9

"Criticism has the power to do good when there is something that must be destroyed, dissolved or reduced, but [it is] capable only of harm when there is something to be built." - Carl Jung

- Found this while reading a seminary book. Really made me think about how much of my time is spent in building and in how much is spent in destroying, dissolving and reducing. Hummm. [note to self add that to new years resolutions (additional note to self start making new years resolutions)] Would love to write some great speech about all that but really that's about as far as the thoughts went. I do like the quote though.

- Additionally on the above quote does that mean that according to Carl Jung the term Constructive Criticism is an oximoron?

Tuesday, January 6

It's a day of great joy!

I'm presently at home in a sweat shirt and flannel pj's. Trying to make myself get some work done, but watching the snowfall is just too much. I think I'm giving up this battle after lunch. I'd post pictures but . . . um well . . . can't so just go to coqui's site I'm sure she'll have some up of the area in the next few days.

At any rate nothing quite so beautiful as the falling snow. It's just beautiful.

Oh yeah, Doc says he has no idea what's up with my hand. Therefore, I have an appointment with a specialist in 3 weeks. Normally this would be no big deal, except that last night I was awakened by the sever pain shooting through my hand. I did discover that some Ibuprofern every 4 hours or so seems to do the trick. I'll be fine, just really wondering what's up with my hand.

Monday, January 5

It's NOT carpal tunnel . . .

Well at least in my very uninformed non-medical opinion. However I have a very sharp pain residing in my hand and sometimes both hands. From the base of my thumb to the first knuckle. I can't figure it out really. Sooo I'm leaving it to the professionals and letting my doctor look at it this afternoon!

Quote of the weekend (best as I remember it anyway)

"Good luck finding anyone in the dessert of Seattle." - Coqui (referring to landscape of future mates)