Thursday, February 17

The Christian Label

I'd love to expound on this Quote but I don't have the time so I'll let is speak for itself:

"There is a danger in labeling things Christian. The word Christian first appears in the Bible as a noun. It's a person who follows Jesus. It's not an adjective that you attach to things to make them safe and palatable. So a Christian is someone who lives a certain way-who has oriented their life around a certain Savior's teachings, who believes profound things about the very ground of their being, who actually believes that compassion can change the world. A Christian is someone who lives a certain way. In the New Testament it's not a label that you attach to things in order to make them safe. Here's why: because something can be labeled christen and not be true and somethings can be true and not be labeled Christian."

- Rob Bell, teaching pastor, Mars Hill Church