Wednesday, July 28

My guest apperance on the Lone Ranger

"The law don't mean to take revenge, only to get justice." - Buck Webb  (as played by Ron Hagerthy)


"The Sheriff of Smoke Tree" September 20, 1956  Episode # 184
A new mining camp needs a sheriff to control a man named Lem Crater (John Beradino) who arrived recently with two other men. A young man, Buck Webb (Ron Hagerthy), wants the job but after being run out of town, he needs some persuasion by the Lone Ranger to go back and borrows one of the Ranger's guns. A fight and a smoky mine shaft all add up to young Buck proving that he has what it takes to be the sheriff. The Lone Ranger is convinced also when he hears Buck say: "The law don't mean to take revenge, only to get justice." Mickey Simpson plays the part of Slim Peake, Slim Pickens plays the part of Joe Boley and Tudor Owen plays the part of Mason.

I'd love to see this episode.

Tuesday, July 20


Ok so what's the pitching equivalent of staring at a home run? Pumping your fist after a K? Wagging your finger at a guy? Plunking a guy for the second time that night because you just lost the game?

Well I'm not sure exactly but Carlos Zammbrano, while a great pitcher, threw the biggest tantrum I've ever seen. Sheesh kid grow up.

P.S. The Cardinals have officially clinched the NL Central with their stunning comeback win today.

Monday, July 19

The Holy Observer: What's the funniest or oddest thing you've ever heard anyone else pray for?

Funny stuff. . .
Stacy - Silverton, OR
Comments: Before a softball game, one team member prayed, ''please let the other team win...and let us win, too.'' Both teams win? Like a tie, perhaps? Except nobody wants to tie...somebody's gotta win. It was hard to not laugh out loud when I heard this prayer.

THO's Response: Stacy, it's good that you didn't laugh out loud; you did what is right. A big part of being a Christian is knowing when to laugh and when to laugh behind someone's back. The good thing is even though the latter takes patience and willpower, those times are usually way funnier so you can have an even bigger laugh at someone else's expense an expense that they don't even know exists. The 'cost' of laughing out loud in front of them is often paid by you, and sometimes comes in the form of the pastor stopping his sermon, claiming he's doing the best he can, crying, and later kicking you off the worship band, which was made up of a bunch of no-talent clowns and had a horrible keytarist, anyway! "

Saturday, July 10

Taking Off and Landing

Myles Werntz a friend of mine from college, and a fantastic writer, had a very thought provoking blog today. Read his thoughts and you'll know what I mean, but one line is a good jumping off point

"This is the curse of our generation: we are forever Cain, wandering from town to town, never settled down, leaving our name and feelings in little places all over the map."

I've been thinking a lot about this subject lately. Having not lived in the same residence for longer the 16 months since I left high school (I'm almost 28), and having lived in 4 vastly different areas in that same time. Looking for a job, again! (making this my 3rd job since leaving college) I find myself on the other end of the conversation.

I long for a community where my departure is not predetermined. I long for a place to throw down roots. But I know that, that place will not be here. I must once again pull up roots and start all over. While the location could be as close as 15 miles or as far as 2,500, the result is the same, another new beginning.

This time it's different though, for there is a hope. A hope that this could bring the peace that I seek, the peace that comes with longevity. They say one key to effective ministry is being in one place for a long time. I want to say that my ministry was effective, the lives were changed, and that I my time on each counted. And I want to say that my ministry was hard to distinguish from my day to day living, and at the end of it all God was pleased with the life that I lived.

But does that require that i remain in one place? I have no idea. The thought of living in one place for 30 years, is both comforting and suffocating at the same time.

IN the end though I have to rest on the fact that I do believe that God will see me through to the end, and that if I seek after him he'll place me where he needs me. A trite saying, but true none the less.

Money ball theory

If you read the book Moneyball (which any true baseball fan should have by now)run differential is sort of the mesuring stat that many in the indutry use to judge how well a team should do. The following explains why the cardinals are as good as they are. They may not have a GREAT rotation, but it is a good rotation. Couple that with the best everyday lineup in the NL, and best defense in Baseball and you have a team that should win the NL central.

I do wonder though how well will the cardinals do in the playoffs? If Morris and Williams come back to form by the send of september then I think they have a shot, but really the playoffs is a crap shoot. Just ask the braves.

STLtoday - Sports - Columnists: " run differential is a leading indicators of a team's strength and success. Through Wednesday, the Cardinals were a plus 95 for the season; Boston is a distant second, at plus 65. The next-best National League totals belong to the Cubs (+59) and Braves (+32). "

Monday, July 5

Nazi Propaganda

I now know what it’s like to watch a film that is filled with blatant lies to advance a political agenda. I just got back from Fahrenheit 9/11. I left angry, in fact I left before the movie was over. If I wasn’t a minister I would have flipped off the screen on my way out. If the movie were true (which it’s not), then George W. should be hanged on Pennsylvania Ave. I’m not saying that Bush has never lied or that he is a saint. But this movie is clearly an attack on Bush (conveniently only a few months before the elections) seeking to harm Bush’s reputation.

If you’ve seen the movie do yourself a favor and scan over a rebuttal to the movie. The link in the title is a pretty good one.

Saturday, July 3

Climbing 2 sides of a Mountain

This makes 2 Saturdays in a row that I've had the joy of climbing everyone's favorite volcano. Last Saturday Heather and I went up the Paradise side. Well that is to say we did about 4 miles of hiking on 2 trails. There was a ton of snow and some nice views. The hikes were moderate with some elevation but nothing horribly difficult.

Today, However I went with Brian, DJ and Steve. WoW!!! We did approximately 10 miles (maybe more) in about 5 hours. This may not be a lot for the experienced hiker (which I'm not), but for me it required a hot shower a 2 hour nap and an evening with my feet up. It was Brutal. I loved the hike up the mountain, but coming down my feet were killing me with about 3 miles left.

Normally, if I'm tired I'm going to take a breather and easily mosy down the mountain. However today DJ and Brian had to be at work by 5. So after coming up short of making Mystic Lake (we only had about a half mile to go too!) We decided that we had to turn back or make the fellas late. So after 3 hours of hiking up the mountain we needed to be back in 2. Fortunately we were headed down hill for most of the way. We made it, and I'm glad I got pushed like I did it was a great workout, but I'm definitely feeling it this evening.

Anyway, I'm a officially a big hiking fan and intend to make more visits in the future.

Thursday, July 1

You just can't make this stuff up


Wow! That's awsome. I bet the little girl is really proud of her mom.