Tuesday, June 29

Great Names of the Day

STLtoday - Sports - Cardinals: "Tulane first baseman Wesley Swackhamer, the Cardinals' fifth- round pick, and Texas lefthanded pitcher Buck Cody, their seventh-rounder, are also unsigned. "

Wow what a great name for a first baseman SWACKHAMER

Friday, June 25

The lone reply

Dear Buck,

Thank you for your resume submission we appreciate your interest in our employment opportunity here at Church X.

Your qualifications are excellent. However, we regret that the position is closed.
We will keep your resume on file and wish you well in your employment search.


(Church X H.R. Guy)

That's the reply I received 3 weeks after I sent my resume to church X. And the sad thing is that's the only response I've heard, from anyone.

This process is going to be very frustrating. And I'm already tired of hearing verses like Phil. 4:16 (be anxious for nothing . . .), however upon receiving this letter I felt a peace (. . .and the peace of God will guard your hearts and minds.) about the process that I hadn't to this point. It was kind of like ok settle down, stay faithful in the position that your currently at and let this process run it's course. Ok so maybe I need to hear more verses like phil. 4:16.

Just for Coqui

Rarely does the world of sports intersect with Coqui's interests, but this I thought was a rare time so I'll comment on Soccer just this once.

David Beckham chocked like a school girl yesterday. Missing his penalty shot by a good 15 feet over the goal. What was he trying to do exactly?

Thursday, June 24

STLtoday - Sports - Cardinals

STLtoday - Sports - Cardinals: "'It's very exhausting, especially when you lose,' said Cubs second baseman Todd Walker, who tied his career high with four hits, including a sixth-inning solo home run. 'These hurt worse than normal losses, especially playing the Cardinals.' "

As they should Todd, as they should

Tuesday, June 22

Quote of the Day

"Matt Morris allowed six runs on six hits in six innings June 20 against the Reds -- a 6-0 Cardinals loss -- and served up Ken Griffey Jr.'s 500th home run. He has allowed a major league-high 23 homers in 15 starts and wasn't overly perturbed about being a footnote to history. 'I stayed away with breaking balls until on a 2-2 count I tried to slip a fastball by him,' Morris said. 'I guess people have been doing that 500 times, and it didn't work.' "

Wednesday, June 16

The Finals

A few random thoughts . . .

- The Pistons won. And it wasn't even as close as the 13 point lead.

- I watched every game from start to finish starting with Game 2. The first time I've watched an NBA game since the Jordan era.

- It was a blast to see a team without a superstar. While the lakers did have more talent. The Pistons were definatly the best TEAM.

- Larry Brown is a class act and I'm glad to see him win. Acknowledging Rick Carlisle in your moment of glory? Are you kidding me? Wow.

- Speaking of Carlisle he's got to be the most bitter man in all of america. I mean honestly first your fired and then beated by the team that fired you, and they do the impossible. OUCH!!!

- THE Piston's Announcer is THE BOMB!!! Honestly he was the coolest! Especially after the Lakers stiff.

- Finally, did you see the horrid lip sync job by Aretha Franklin? It was so bad the camera's couldn't even pull out and make it work. It was sad.

Now that it's all done Baseball will be center stage till Septermber!!!

Baseball salaries database

This is a facinating list. A couple of notable tid bits as I looked at the list. The "A's" are actually in the middle of the pack in spending. Usually they are one of the bottom 5. The Rangers are actually below the A's now.

The mets take the cake for the bigest waste of moneyin the NL, thanks in large part to the 17 Million owed Mo Vaughn. While the Mariners are the biggest spending losers in the AL.

Monday, June 14

Sonics G Allen heads NBA All-Interview Team

Yahoo! Sports - NBA - Sonics G Allen heads NBA All-Interview Team

What the? They actually have team for who gives the best interviews?

Saturday, June 12

The best record in the NL

STLtoday.com - Sports - Cardinals Yep that's right sports fans! the best record in the National league is held by YOUR ST. Louis Cardinals!!

Thursday, June 10

The Source: Movie Reviews "Saved"

"I have faith. It only becomes cultish when people start to think that their way is the only way. I feel bad for Hilary Faye her whole identity is her relationship with Jesus. (Mandy Moore, Teen Vogue, May 2004, p. 118.)"

This is the core belief of the "pop culture Jesus". I'm not saying we should all protest the movie or anything insane, it just saddens me that any person who professes to "have faith" would ever think that the goal of thier life should be anything less. I know she's responding to the hypocrisy displayed by her character, but it reveals a much larger heart issue.

The Search Begins

Well folks it's that time. Seems like every 2 1/2 years I change jobs. It's not that I'm not happy or anything like that, but the last few jobs have been of the more temporary nature. And so it is with my current position. So I am officially looking for a new Job, I've got about 6 months before I HAVE to be in a new place, but I'm looking to move around the first of September. We'll see what God has in store though. Oh yeah, You can click on the Title to see a copy of my lovely resume.

Thursday, June 3

This will not last!

Let me go on Record as saying that the Cincinnatti Reds are all smoke and mirrors. I'm not sure how they are winning like they are, but it simply will not last. The team is in the bottom half of the league in Runs Scored, Runs Against, and fielding %, you don't win championships doing that. Also they just don't have the pitching to last that long. My guess is they'll fade shortly after the All-star break if not before.

Also please note that as I predicted Chris Carpenter is have a break out year, and now that Albert has come back to form the Cards are starting to put it together. Now all they have to do is survie the loss of Mike Matheny (his defense and ability to call a game will be missed).