Thursday, December 9

This would have been interesting

Before signing a deal to stay with the Cubs, Nomar Garciaparra instructed agent Arn Tellem to find out if the Yankees wanted the former Red Sox shortstop to play second base in The Bronx.
- New York Post

Seriously? Can you imagine? Just 2-3 years ago Nomar, Arod, and Jeter were considered maybe 3 of the greatest Shortstops ever!!! And George expects them to all play on the same team? Wow! some people I tell ya. Not that I think Nomar is all that, but seriously this would have been insane. It's already perposterous that the best SS in baseball plays 3rd for the yankees (thank you Derek Jeter's ego).

Anyway, I'll try and post something meaningful once school is out next monday.

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