Thursday, February 17

The Christian Label

I'd love to expound on this Quote but I don't have the time so I'll let is speak for itself:

"There is a danger in labeling things Christian. The word Christian first appears in the Bible as a noun. It's a person who follows Jesus. It's not an adjective that you attach to things to make them safe and palatable. So a Christian is someone who lives a certain way-who has oriented their life around a certain Savior's teachings, who believes profound things about the very ground of their being, who actually believes that compassion can change the world. A Christian is someone who lives a certain way. In the New Testament it's not a label that you attach to things in order to make them safe. Here's why: because something can be labeled christen and not be true and somethings can be true and not be labeled Christian."

- Rob Bell, teaching pastor, Mars Hill Church


Heather Marie said...

Nice quote. :) Did you read Myles post about Love Actually? Kinda funny considering that I finally gave up and just bought the movie. At least his post made me feel better about it. Just thought it was funny. Sigh. I confess that is is still my favorite in spite of it all. ;) Hope you're doing good. Miss ya my old friend!

Myles said...

your 5 questions:

1) If given the choice between the power to fart in musical notes or bend spoons with your toes, which would you choose?

2) Who, when you see them on TV, inspires you to want to bite them on the nose?

3) There's a tornado bearing down on your house. Which picture do you grab?

4) You've been condemned to five years of purgatory in the form of a job. What job is it?

5) When given the option to run or fight, what do you do?